Everything I Know about Marketing I Learned from Childhood Games (Not Really But it Sounds Super Interesting and Dramatic.) 1 of 3


13 Jul Everything I Know about Marketing I Learned from Childhood Games (Not Really But it Sounds Super Interesting and Dramatic.) 1 of 3

Hungry Hippos– A Board Game With a Healthy Appetite

New Content is to GoogleBots like Marbles are to Hungry Hippos… YUMMY.
There’s nothing better to satisfy the appetite of GoogleBots than to feed them new marbles errrrrr… content. AND the perfect delivery system for fresh content is a blog.

First, to better understand the magic, let’s take a look at how a query works. Prior to a search being conducted, a tremendous amount of “crawling and indexing” has already taken place via trillions of documents being “checked out” by GoogleBots. Google describes those trillions of documents as a “public library with billions of books and no central filing system.” http://www.google.com/insidesearch/howsearchworks/crawling-indexing.html  Essentially Google gathers the pages during the crawl process (The Minority Report with Tom Cruise comes to mind) and then creates an index which allows for simple access. The index includes information about words and their locations. There’s also this whole bit about algorithms… perhaps we should leave that bit for another conversation?

We must generate new, exciting content on our websites. No longer can we stuff our pages full of every keyword imaginable and then repeat. Or, as we despairingly call it around here “ten pounds of sh#& in a five pound bag.” We never did it in the first place, and now you will be punished if you do. It’s a good day for skilled content writers who are all about finessing their copy and creating meaningful, effective content.

If you’re currently not blogging, you should stop what you are doing and begin right now. If you can’t, then you should stop what you are doing and contact us. We will be happy to provide with you with well written, original content that will be a compelling read for your visitors as well as a satisfying meal for GoogleBots.

I know what you are thinking. What, with all the references to childhood board games and pop culture films, what do you, “writer of this blog” really know about the technical ins and outs of how it all works. My answer is I know all I need to know about how to appropriately and strategically use key words, and how many words need to be in a blog for maximum impact. Meanwhile, other more technically inclined people on my team can wax poetic about algorithms and indexes with you anytime your stomach can take it. My job dear reader is to get you excited and convinced that blogging can be fun, helpful, and informational. And you should begin immediately.

Let’s get Started.

Leisa Odom-Kurtz