About Us

First and Foremost, We Are Relationship Builders.

Persuasion Marketing and Media has worked with dozens of businesses by successfully helping them to grow. Together, we develop goal-driven marketing strategies and execute them with precision and flair. We are successful by applying everything we know (which is a lot) about advertising and marketing to the challenges at hand.

Building engaging relationships with new and existing customers is at the cornerstone of what we do. People matter to your business more than ever. Just as brands are built, so are relationships. We have absolute confidence in our abilities to move your business forward by building relationships one person at a time.

It’s a Digital World. But People Still Live Here, and They Wear the Pants.

Small Group. Big Minds. Each With a Highly Specialized Skill Sets…Working Together to Give Our Clients the Best.

We are a small, remarkably flexible group of seasoned professionals with prestigious pedigrees. Working for some of the best agencies in New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta on some of the best brands in the world; we have volumes of experience and a ridiculously successful track record. Equally comfortable with small and large clients, budgets, and projects; we fully commit to our clients. Nothing is too small… because we always think big.

We approach your project as a team of specialists. We have our own unique, highly specialized skill sets and very simply, when you decide to work with us, you get all of that. What you won’t get is an IT person writing your content, or a writer “attempting” to design your layout or logo.

Unfortunately, we see websites and all sorts of creative work done by one web developer or writer. We can spot them a mile away. They are not attractive, well-written, user friendly or compelling. Don’t make that mistake. We can give you a much better result for generally around the same cost.

Several Heads are Better than One, Especially When They Play Nice With Each Other.

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