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And the crowd goes wild!

Genuine and heartfelt compliments are a wonderful benefit that comes with the job. However, it’s not why we do what we do. We do it for the awards … and the money, of course. Just kidding! In all honesty, we’re proud to say that we often maintain close relationships with our clients for many years. Once we begin working on a new brand, it genuinely becomes our brand too. We become very tied to the success of the brand and our role in it. The impact of our efforts, and some of things our clients say about us personally and professionally are WHY we love doing what we do.

“Alpine Bakery and Trattoria gives Leisa and her staff at Persuasion Marketing 5 stars on our new website and other monthly marketing projects that they do for us. The website is everything we envisioned.  I would definitely recommend Persuasion Marketing for all your Marketing needs.”

– Stephen Bishop, Co-Owner, Alpine Bakery & Trattoria

“I have had the pleasure of working with Leisa Odom-Kurtz both professionally and personally and have found both aspects to be an extremely positive experience. Professionally, she created a successful marketing campaign complete with print advertising, corporate literature and a website for my school. Personally, I have worked with her in many parent volunteer situations and view her as a reliable team player and hard worker.”

– Melinda Willis, Founder & Director, Outside the Box Art Studio

“Leisa was amazing to work with. We talked about what my vision was, about where I wanted my business to go and about who I am as a person. I felt like she really got me and what I was all about and was able to put all of that into beautifully written copy for my website.”

– Vii Tanner of Vii Tanner Photography

Thank you for your tremendous work on the “Healthy Change” ad Campaign. The campaign is gaining a fine reception by YMCA’s in California. Our pleasure is heightened by the enthusiasm, talent and dedication of Leisa, Kelly, Greg and Doug. They are the greatest and we appreciate your sharing them with us.

– David R. Cason, Executive Director, The Family Y

“Our Toyota Paseo advertising was picked by Adweek out of 16 zillion entries as “one of the very, very, very, very best commercials ever created. Congratulations and thanks to all of us!”

– George Cinfo, Vice Chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles

“Leisa helped get this place going. Applying her stellar writing skills to whatever assignment was thrown at her. And in spite of impossible time-lines, the late hours and the sheer stress of just trying to stay one step ahead of it all, she kept her cool, her optimism and her wonderful sense of humor.”

– Jon Yarbrough, Executive Creative Director, Rubin Postaer, Alpha Group

“Thank you so very much for the PR you did for us. We sold more art work in ONE day than we did all of December last year! Thanks again!”

– Sam and Juli McGill, Out of the Box Art Studio

“We are on all on Cloud Nine after our internal review of the final campaign that you guys created and want to send a huge thank you for the outstanding job. Congratulations to everyone who made this campaign such a huge success!”

– Odie O’Donald, Group Vice President, BellSouth Corporation

What a pleasure it was to be able to work with such fine, talented, and knowledgeable professionals. Leisa Odom- Kurtz and her team, Persuasion Marketing and Media, are the absolute tops. Their warm, patient personalities made them approachable and extremely easy to work. During our meetings they listened to my needs, made suggestions, and then created the perfect web site for me. Two years ago I wasn’t so sure if creating my own personal web site was a necessary tool for advancing my business. It is necessary to grow your business. Every day this week I have received a call that led to new business, and the calls came directly from the web site. Thank you Persuasion Marketing! You’re the best!

– Tracy Sardelli of Tracy Sardelli & Associates