Our Approach

Who Are You? And More Importantly, Who Do You Want to Be?

We start by asking a lot of questions. What makes you special is sometimes right in front of you, sometimes… not so much. Either way, we uncover it, put together a plan and stay committed to building your brand through creating awareness and interest which will grow your business. We often use a mix of the traditional and non-traditional; PR, social media and digital. Every piece of communication is an opportunity for your brand to shine.

Our commitment is that wherever you are today, we can make you stronger, faster and better.

Nuts & Bolts.

We will be happy to customize a proposal with our recommendations based upon what your specific needs are as it’s never one size fits all. We only want to provide you with what is strategically sound, what you truly need and, frankly, that varies from client to client. We believe in putting in the time up front to create work that is unique and strategically smart for our clients, and relevant and compelling to the consumer. We also don’t like surprises for ourselves or for our clients, so we move forward with everything in writing.

Here’s how we work.

  • First step is to connect by phone or in person to better define your needs…. scope, deliverables, identifying elements of your existing brand.
  • Next, we present you with a Working Proposal that details elements and costs.
  • Then, if you are comfortable moving forward, we meet for a strategy session to ask critical questions for defining and positioning your brand. This session is $500 which will be applied to your final invoice upon completion of your project or launch of your site.
  • We return with a detailed description of Deliverables and a Strategic Brief that we use as a guidepost for content and creative direction on your site. i.e. What makes you different? Why is that true? What are your special skills? Who are you in a market of others? What is the tone of your site? What is your brand personality? Once we agree on the Strategic Brief Blueprint and Deliverables, we present a Start Work Order and require a 50 percent deposit.
  • You will always have access for approval as work progresses. For example for a website, you will be allowed access to a Test Site to interact with your site, review progress and comment directly to us via conference call, or in person.
  • Once we are finished with your project, we bill for the remaining 50 percent minus the $500 deposit, and then we launch.
  • We have maintenance plans from the most basic — performing twice annual updates and general site maintenance, to developing email marketing, blogging, and providing services for additional marketing projects. We will present you with alternatives at completion of the project.
A full 90 percent of the time, we continue working relationships with our clients once the initial project is completed. We look forward to helping you build your brand and we’d love to hear from you soon.