Blogging and SEO: A Love/Hate Relationship

Blogging is essential. Timely, interesting, and relevant content on your site (and ours) equals traffic. Traffic equals increased brand awareness and builds your reputation. Not only do good blogs attract visitors to your site, but SEO LOVES steady and compelling content and what better way to feed it what it wants than through fresh blog posts. Your visitors will love you. SEO will love you. And you’ll love us. Let us blog for you.

Search Engine Optimization for Blogs – SEO

Search Engine Optimization and Eloquent, Meaningful, Quality Content Do Not Have to Make Strange Bedfellows Anymore. Thank God.

Quality (informative, engaging, meaningful) content is the first priority in blogging. But unfortunately, for those writers and businesses, there exists volumes of incredible content that doesn’t get read because it hasn’t been created with the keys that could get it both read and ranked.

Our new clients are well aware of the power of the search engine ranking, and typically during our first meeting with them, or when we are goal setting, they invariably ask us… “How do we pop up (faster/higher/quicker)?”

Our reply is… “You’re asking the wrong question…What you really want to know is “how do we make you pop up (faster/higher/quicker) without sounding cheap, sleazy and spammy?”

SEO & Content: A Checkered Past

For a while, the more keywords one could stuff on a page, the higher ranking the page would get. This made the page “pop up”… but made for horrific reading, and left readers feeling bombarded, screamed at, and in need of a shower.

However, recent and overdue changes effected by Google have made quality producers of content, like us, very happy people. Cheap tactics and “Crazy Eddie Hysteria” no longer work. In fact, they can backfire even getting you penalized by Google.

Now, quality content is once again king, and the goal is to ARTFULLY build in some SEO friendly buttons, bells and whistles. Most quality content writers (present company included) prefer to write straight from the heart then go back and make tweaks and adjustments.  The allows us to maintain focus on the message we are communicating – the brand story, the unique point of difference, and the reason why the reader/consumer should be motivated to act. Trust us, that’s hard enough to do really well, without INSERTING all sorts of meaningless and superficial words.

So, we will start with the highest quality content and then tweak it using the best current tactics and strategies of the moment. The accent on “moment” as this is an ever evolving battlefield with changes and surprises. We also keep ourselves educated by attending Master Classes to learn the latest and the greatest. We recently attended Jenny Munn’s SEO Bootcamp to get a full day’s worth of current thinking on SEO.

Just remember, SEO has its purpose on the battlefield, but NEVER at the expense of meaningful content. It’s about keeping people on your site once you’ve gotten them there… that leads to the start of a conversation… that leads to a relationship… that ends in happily ever after.

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