Brand Development

Say It Loud and Say It Proud

A brand is so much more than a logo or name. Fully realized, it is a living, breathing thing that has its own identity, character attributes, and personality. Our job is to position your brand– with what it uniquely has to offer to its target audience(s). We develop a strategy, then create a voice and visual identity while never losing site of the fact that your brand MUST be relevant to your audience.

We will determine:

  • Your brand’s personality
  • Your brand’s relationship with the audience
  • Unique Selling Proposition(s)

All good brands have a unique selling proposition (USP). Success is directly proportional to how well we acknowledge what our customers really want AND how diligently we apply our strengths (benefits) and vision (unique selling proposition).

Brands We Have Helped Build

We have had the privilege of working on a number of national, regional and local brands. From classic and conservative, to quirky and irreverent… they all have a distinct voice.