Content & Copywriting

How to Stand Out in the Crowd.

Words…we’re flat out in love with them. They can make us laugh or cry, get us excited or depressed, and motivate and inspire us. An exceptionally crafted combination of words can do all of the above… sometimes all in one remarkably well-written piece.

The need for highly skilled writing in marketing messages is critical. After all, marketing is communication. Of course you can visually communicate as well, as some award winning, highly effective advertising does. But while some marketing may feature a big visual idea, a well-placed word or phrase solidifies the point or message.

What you say is in large part who you are… so it better be good.

Good content or copywriting is a must have for your website, collateral, and absolutely everything that you produce for your customers and potential customers to consume.

Proper grammar, correct spelling and punctuation are essential, but also, what you say has to be compelling, motivating and reflect YOUR unique point of difference.

A sad story with a happy ending.

In the beginning of the digital media explosion, the content (writing) was accomplished much in part like a “paint by numbers” project, and in part, like a math problem. Key words were literally crammed into content, phrases and links were repeated with little or no regard to the reader’s experience, all in pursuit of higher SEO. While this made finding the site easier for consumers, it didn’t do anything to keep them there. In fact, it was and can be, a major turn off and cause consumers to look away quicker than you can say “click”.

Well lucky for all of us, Google has dramatically changed the game, by changing how sites are ranked. You still need key words and tools in place to ensure good SEO ranking, but it is much more of an art form on how sites get ranked. Now, a huge part of that equation is compelling, well-written copy. Make no mistake about it; digital media is now a champion of good writing.

Effective, High Quality Writing: Not Just for Your Website.

In marketing, we use written communication more regularly now than ever before. Social media posts, e-mails, blog entries, and comments are all communication channels driven by writing.

So you better make sure everything that represents your company is speaking the same well-written, strategically spot on language. Read more about the importance and skills for effective content blogging on our BLOG PAGE.

We would LOVE to write something amazing for you to help you stand out in the crowd.