EMail Marketing

Strategically Created. Targeted Directly. Delivered Affordably.

Emails and newsletters are exceptional ways to engage with your customers. Promotions, incentives, and timely information can all be communicated via email marketing. We create custom, artful executions that are campaignable, and great reflections of your brand. We can segment your data base while managing and maintaining multiple lists, and tailor make specific messages for specific segments. So you can target customers directly, immediately, and precisely with the messages intended for them.

You are an invited guest. Now mind your manners.

They’ve subscribed, or opted in so it’s your job not to mess that up and develop a rich and rewarding relationship. Email is the shortest, most powerful line of communication for conversion to sales, which is reason enough not to squander the opportunity it provides. Exceptionally cost-effective with an ROI (Return on Investment) of around 4,300% (according to the Direct Marketing Association), is yet another reason.

When it comes to email marketing, what’s not to love?

Email Marketing is very popular because it’s effective. Your customized message delivered DIRECTLY to someone’s INBOX at a highly affordable rate is a no brainer. Lots of people do this, but few do it well. Our open rates are exceptionally high because we have learned how to email market successfully. Although there is some conventional wisdom, we’ve been developing our approach for quite some time. We have clients that we email market for monthly that range in category from restaurant to urgent care.

Here’s just some of what we’ve learned.

  1. Timing is Everything. Knowing when to send your email is important.
  2. Don’t Wear out your Welcome. Do not bombard your subscriber with meaningless emails.
  3. The Power of a Good Subject Line. Teaser, provocative, or helpful? Consider everything.
  4. How much is too much? Provide the right amount of information.
  5. Understand Segmenting. The cool things you can do with your database with a few clicks are amazing. Take advantage of the ability to further streamline and personalize your communications. For instance, for one of our clients, we send their customers anniversary and birthday offers.
  6. Know the Law. Mail Chimp and Constant Contact have very clear rules on obtaining and managing your database. It’s vital to stay within those boundaries.
Good email marketing is a great opportunity for you to reach out further build your relationship with your customers. Don’t screw up that relationship.

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