Marketing Consulting

We Can See the Forest and the Trees

People matter. At the end of the day, it’s a person that has to choose whether to become a consumer of your brand or not. We have insights and experience when it comes to marketing, and when it comes to people. Whether you are launching a new business, or need to freshen up the marketing for your existing one, we will help you a with a solid strategy that results in motivating messaging that speaks to people.

A good marketing plan is well thought out, thorough, AND will build your brand and move your business forward.

Let’s Play 10 Questions

We ask a lot of questions. If you don’t know the answers, then we find out together. This “getting to know you” phase isn’t meant to put you on the defensive, but to educate both of us on the realities of your business, how it relates to your customers, and how we can satisfy their needs.

Where do you want to see your business?

We Start At The End So We Will Know Where To Begin.

Think big. Fantasize best case scenario. Often companies limit themselves by their lack of imagination. If you can dream it, you should. Now, let’s get busy with the hard work and strategy to make it a reality.

What do you see as your main weaknesses?

Be Brave. Be Slightly Uncomfortable. Be Successful.

The best brands are honest, open and willing to look within. A surprising number of people get defensive when it comes to an HONEST examination of their weaknesses. We cannot change what we don’t acknowledge.

What are your business goals?

Write them down. In Ink.

This is usually easier to determine and we can shoot for three to four at a minimum. They need to be specific and have a time line. For example, the language needs to state the objective clearly… for example, not, “increase revenue” but “increase revenue 10 percent by the end of next year.”

What is your business value to the customer?

This is your unique worth. Claim it.

This is sometimes right in front of you, but hard to see. Mainly because, sometimes you are so close to your business that you have difficulty viewing it from the point of view of the consumer. We can help you identify customer impressions, user experience, and define your value.

Who exactly is your consumer?

Hugely important. If you don’t know, you better figure it out.

Another overlooked opportunity is clearly identifying your customer(s). In most cases, there’s more than one consumer group you need to speak to. This is when knowledge of how to market to different segments becomes important. Not everyone will always respond to the same message. What may “speak to” stay at home moms, will mean nothing to Business to Business prospects. This is a fundamental target market tactical error that happens all the time. We can help you define your target markets and craft communication specific to them.

What do they need from you?

Literal needs of course, but emotional needs are the key.

What are you selling? If it’s great food using fresh ingredients and artful preparations, do your messages reflect that? Identify your product and the benefits of that product. In all likelihood there are many positive aspects to your product, which is a good thing. But your brand will get traction by honing in on the most important benefits, and repeating your core message in a variety of ways. Critical to this equation, and reflected in ALL your messages, is that if others are selling food with fresh ingredients that are artfully prepared, what emotional need are you satisfying that no one else can? ALWAYS remember, there is a message for every emotional need that motivates and encourages people to take action.

Why must they get it from you?

Value Added stories have happy endings.

If you are offering a parity product…what is it that inspires and motivates customers to come to you? Are there “Value Added” components that you can talk about? Do we need to create some?
You may have competition that provides similar products or services. It’s vital to determine and then claim what it is that makes you unique – your unique selling proposition- your marketing strategy and copy platform are all derived from this insight. We can’t stress enough the importance of identifying and embracing your unique worth.

Who is your competition?

Look them up and write them down.

Identifying competitors is nothing new, but sometimes falls by the wayside when businesses are busy with their own business. Never underestimate your competitors. You can bet they don’t underestimate you.

What are they doing?

Vet them thoroughly and often.

A competitive analysis is a great step to honestly and realistically determine your situation. You need to understand them so you can distinguish yourself. Maybe there’s a gaping hole in what they are providing or, how they are communicating what they provide.

What are the tone, voice and personality of your brand?

Are you likeable, approachable, friendly, charming and welcoming? You better be.

If you don’t resonate and connect with your customer, then how can you possibly inspire brand loyalty? Customers have to want to purchase from you. Is the current tone of your advertising inspiring, motivating and a good indicator of who you are?  See more under “Our Approach“.